I grew up on a farm. Out in a field. With trees and a lake behind my house.

We had dogs. guinea pigs. a rat. fish. goats. cats.

I AM a farm girl at heart.

When I moved to Australia I missed ‘home’. Where wide open space trumps the city.

Where air smells fresh, unpolluted and flavoured by the surrounding season of the plants.

Where colours are a bit more vivid and go noticed.

Where the lives of those working hard are displayed.

Through dirty angles.

Where the world seems a bit more open.



Ever really enjoyed strawberries?

Understated gorgeous seeds, complex insides and a colour that is stunning.

Not to mention that they are so tasty.

Mish’s photo: We climbed this little ridge behind the Bakhita were I was staying in Timor. I have to say that this cross is probably one of the most beautiful things that I’ve seen. Every morning I’d wake up and get to see the beauty of the cross w/ the rising sun. However, for me this symbolises the growth that I have gone through. Become more intune with my soul, spirit, strength and become strong in who I am w/ my faith.


Mish’s photo: This is an arm band measuring tool that is a very creative way to quickly see if kids are malnourished.


Mishs’ photo: I was inspired by Caitilin at OperationBeauitful to post a little something in the plane bathroom. I love sharing the beauty of simple and encouraging words with random people.


Es photo: This red vase is my latest buy from a secondhand shop. It was bought with the intention of giving it as a present to a couple. For awhile now, I’ve been struggling with buying gifts from secondhand shops. For a complete story, read this. I’m happy to say I’m over it now!

opshop1 001

Es photo: I took this picture while walking to work this morning. It was early and the air was cold so it’s hardly surprising that nobody’s around. Then I saw this empty bench in the park and it spoke ‘peace’ to me.


Es photo: I’ve been thinking…of enrolling in a 10-weeks photography course in a local college. That is one of the growth areas for me this year. It will be interesting to interact with other like-minded people learning a new skill together. Yet, I find myself dilly-dallying on signing up for the class…not quite sure why…


Es photo: I bought this nice leather slingbag from a thrift shop yesterday. I liked everything about it except that it had a faint musky smell inside. So I went to the perfume counter in the mall during lunchtime today; grabbed one of these sample perfume cards and sprayed on some perfume. Viola! Now the bag will smell nice and the musky smell gone! Creativity in action!


Es photo: I like balloons. They remind me of good times, parties and all things nice. And when they are all strung up together, they are such a display of beauty!peace 003